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standard pack

Fast and affordable

A fast and affordable translation service carried out by a translator and/or an automatic translation (machine translation) depending on the language. The objective is a precise and legible text at a low cost.

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business pack

Professional with postediting

Our most popular service, carried out by at least two qualified professionals: one project manager and one translator, using quality control tools to ensure a precise, correct and consistent text. If the text contains errors, start an editing process in order to remove all the proofreading notifications.

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DIN pack

Quality guarantee

Translation carried out by a professional native translator who is specialized in the field, and fully edited by a second translator (the 4 eyes principle specified by DIN/ISO) in order to ensure precision and suitability of the terminology and lexicon specific to the field in question and the client’s own style. Ideal for complex texts such as contracts, online and print marketing materials, complicated technical texts, etc.

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3 simple reasons to rely on ABZ ONLINE

Quality translations

Quality and delivery guarantee

Up to 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the service.

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2 decades of experience

Offering translation services to clients from around the world.




Process automation and new business models.



Take part in the ABZ Members program and enjoy several benefits as an ABZ ONLINE client



Benefits for ABZ Members subscribers

  • Minimum fees are waived or heavily discounted.
  • Special rates for certain language pairs.
  • Urgent translations to certain languages at no extra charge.
  • Free link service for your website in Drupal, Wordpress or Typo3.
  • Free alignment of existing translations and creation of translation memories.
  • Terminology management

Personalized support in your language


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Partnership program for companies.



Partner benefits

If you are a webmaster or manage a website or advertising company, etc. you can take part in our partnership program, offering your clients our translation services.

We will be happy to create a mutually beneficial common project that will leave the client fully satisfied.

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The services we offer ...

Translation of promotional material

Translation of Advertising Texts

Selling a product or service in foreign markets is a difficult challenge. Your advertising material not only has to be translated into your potential clients’ language, but also adapt to the cultural realities of the target country.

ABZ ONLINE offers the translation of:

  • Adverts or promotions for print or electronic publishing
  • Websites
  • Marketing brochures
  • Email campaigns
  • Google Adwords advertising campaigns

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 Translation of commercial texts

Translation of Financial Texts

Do you want to initiate business dealings in other countries, or maintain your current ones?

ABZ ONLINE offers a translation service that guarantees the use of correct economic and financial terminology in the target country and the precision of facts and figures.

ABZ ONLINE offers the translation of:

  • Annual reports and proxy statements
  • Prospectuses
  • Product sales brochures and services for banks and insurance companies
  • Financial reports
  • Account statements
  • Policies
  • Websites
  • Newspaper articles, etc.

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 Translation of legal texts

Translation of Legal Texts

ABZ ONLINE offers a wide range of quality translation services for legal and legislative texts for multinational companies and law firms. Naturally we also offer a certified and notarized translation service.

ABZ ONLINE offers the translation of:

  • Intellectual property and patents
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Foreign legal texts
  • Annual reports
  • Legal marketing
  • Licences
  • Records
  • Expert reports
  • Suits and claims
  • Arbitrations

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Translation of Medical/Pharmaceutical Texts

Bringing pharmaceutical products and medicine to market is a long and expensive process, and having a professional and reliable translation service to hand is vital for stages such as marketing, among others.

ABZ ONLINE offers the translation of:

  • Clinical trial reports and materials
  • Medical guides
  • Prospectuses
  • Clinical reports
  • Market studies
  • Patents
  • Regulatory documents

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Translation of Software

In today’s society, driven by communications and technology, more and more companies need to translate their programs and applications (in the fields of medicine, motoring, electronics, etc.).

At ABZ ONLINE we offer the translation of:

  • User interfaces, resource files
  • Software documentation, user manuals
  • Online help
  • Websites and web portals
  • Applications
  • XML and HTML files, databases

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Technical Translation

The translation of technical texts is especially sensitive and must always be entrusted to experts. A poor-quality technical translation can cause system and team failures with serious consequences, such as in safety manuals, instructions for the use and assembly of heavy machinery or medical instruments, etc.

At ABZ ONLINE we provide project managers, translators and editors with extensive experience in technical fields. Furthermore, the key for carrying out a good technical translation is in the consistent use of correct terminology, which is why before starting a technical translation we will create a specific glossary that will be maintained and used at all times.

At ABZ ONLINE we work with all sorts of formats, such as Adobe Framemaker, InDesign, XML, etc.

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Website Translation

It has been shown that website visitors spend twice as much time on a page if it has been translated into their language, which also increases the probability that they will make a purchase or request information.

Nowadays, having a multilingual website is the most efficient and cost-effective way of reaching new markets and clients, and at ABZ ONLINE we will help you achieve it.

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Translations tailor-made

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As well as translation services, we naturally also offer:

Text editing

The creation and maintenance of terminology and glossaries

The creation and maintenance of translation memories

Layout and format adaptation to the target language

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Our working procedures ...

Managing your translations can be a difficult task. That’s why at ABZ ONLINE we want the process to be simple, fast and affordable.


Your personal project manager

Our project manager will examine your translation needs and help you define the services that are most suitable for your company.

If necessary, the project manager will help you analyze your requirements and the existing material in order to define the guidelines to be followed by the translators.



At ABZ we need you to provide the documents or files to be translated, the source language, the target language(s) and the deadline.

We will then carry out the task of analyzing the documents to calculate the word count and apply any discounts that may be applicable.


Order confirmation

If you are happy with the quote, you can confirm the job via e-mail and we will begin.


The translation process

We will translate the documents as professionally as possible and always keeping in mind the client’s specific requirements and requests.



We will send the client the completed translation in the agreed format.


La calidad de nuestras traducciones es consistente y ayudamos a nuestros clientes a beneficiarse de la integración de las últimas herramientas del sector, obteniendo traducciones de mayor calidad, más rápidas y más económicas.

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About us and our front office staff members

After more than 20 years of offering translation, localization and editing services to clients around the world, ABZ ONLINE TRADUCCIÓN Y DOCUMENTACIÓN is a company with worldwide acclaim.

Thanks to our team of staff made up of project managers, translators and IT engineers, and over 300 external partners, at ABZ ONLINE we manage and develop our clients’ projects with effectiveness, speed and quality.

We always offer a service that is in line with our clients’ requirements, with our 4 guarantees:

  1. Security and confidentiality when it comes to data handling.
  2. Competitive prices.
  3. Speed and flexibility.
  4. The ability to work with most commercial formats, such as Office (Powerpoint, Word, Excel), OpenOffice, QuarkXpress, HTM, HTML and XHTML, XML, TXT, C, C++, PO gettext, DBK, WIKI, EPUB, SUB, Properties and JAVA, JSON, EXE, JAML, DITA, DITAMAP, PHP, JSP, ASP, DBK, Javascript, RC, ResX, PageMaker, FrameMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Postgres, AutoCAD, PDF, XLIFF, etc., always respecting sensitive elements such as labels in software applications.

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